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Yunnan exhibition plan conveyor equipment in various industry lines, lines, belt line, line equipment, production lines, automated assembly line, command line, assembly line, coating line, automated packaging lines, design of CPU lines, production lines, manufacturing. Widely is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, household appliances, cookers, electric on-demand vehicles, motorcycles, all types of instruments, meters, power supplies, and food, medicine and other industries. Products: belt production line, production line of sheet metal chain, differential chain Assembly line, shelf bench assembly line, hanging conveyor lines, lamp aging testing line, small car assembly lines, electronic circuit board plug line, drum line, hand assembly lines, pipeline fittings, table series and so on. Also available according to customer's actual need for corresponding Adaptive manufacturing, services and so on. Zhanhong Enterprise professional looking product, sum up experience, with industry standards meet the needs of a variety of non-standard, new ideas and excellent technology to provide our customers with a range of quality control to ensure normal operation of the equipment, greater enthusiasm for the industrial automation and assembly-line to provide quality services. We are committed to one year free maintenance, lifetime warranty, providing parts for a long time. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for quality and service objectives.
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