Design basis of the production process and requirements are lines

&Nbsp;       category many non-standard production line, played an important role in the modern industrial production status and played an irreplaceable role. High efficiency of the production line, making more and more production companies began to use the equipment. Lines can effectively play to production advantages in production, have a direct relationship with its design.
line as a workshop production and processing equipment, product delivery-oriented role in the production. Transportation is the main product line features automatic transmission can shorten the transition time between the various production processes, making the product throughout the production process available to shorten. The transport line equipment is the most simple and primitive kind of non-standard equipment, its design and manufacturing process is simple, less difficult.
early non-standard single line in functionality, mainly to transport. But after years of development, the pipeline has been increasingly sophisticated and diverse, while design and also significantly increased the difficulty of the manufacturing process. For the regular production of Assembly process, current line design and manufacturing techniques can be completed. For more complex, higher Assembly precision products, it is more appropriate to develop corresponding Automation plane.
both single functions of conveyor lines, still needs to complete a variety of Assembly process of assembly lines, the programme's design is based on the product. Product processing steps, processes and requirements are all engineers design factors to be elegant.


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