Conveyor bezel 2 piercing process

1, blasting perforation: (Blast drilling), treated by continuous laser irradiation in the Center to form a crater, and the oxygen flow with coaxial laser beam will soon melt material removed to form a hole. Related General size and thickness, blasting perforation average diameter is half the thickness, so the thicker plate blasting perforation apertures larger and not round, should not be used on the demanding parts (such as slotted tube of oil), can only be used on waste. Due to a hole in the oxygen pressure and cutting the same large splash.
2, pulse perforation: (Pulse drilling) with a high peak power pulsed laser makes a small amount of material melting and vaporization, usually air or nitrogen as a secondary gas in order to reduce the exothermic oxidation of hole expansion, when the gas pressure is cutting oxygen pressure. Each produces smaller particles by pulsed laser jet, deepening and perforated plate in a few seconds.
once the piercing is completed, immediately replaced the auxiliary gas oxygen for cutting. Smaller diameter perforation, perforation of the quality is better than blasting perforation. The lasers that are used should not only have a high output power; more importantly time bunch of time and space characteristics of cross flow CO2 laser therefore cannot meet the requirements of laser cutting. In addition pulsed piercing also has a reliable pneumatic control system, with the gas type, pressure switch and perforated time control.


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