Introduction of the Assembly line and maintenance

       the introduction and maintenance of automated production lines: the main product line or the majority of the route and the operation of the product of labor, and decided to have a production line for the completion of certain types of products required for processing machines and equipment, machines and equipment arrangement and layout, etc. Lines with greater flexibility and can adapt to a variety of production requirements; under the production conditions can not be used, the Assembly line is an advanced form of production organization; in the product specification is more complex, more parts, each product does not produce much, lack of machinery and equipment companies, production line can achieve good economic efficiency. Line type, size range is divided into product lines and parts production line, by rhythm is divided into Assembly and non-assembly line, according to the degree of automation, is divided into automatic production lines and non-automated production lines. &Nbsp; 
       automated production line is made up of parts delivery system and control system, automatic conveying equipment and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the process order of the groups banded together to automate the production of all or part of the manufacturing process of the product system, called automated production lines. Use of automatic production line for production of products should be large enough to yield; product design and process should be advanced, stable and reliable, and, in the longer term remain basically unchanged. In large numbers, used in the mass production of automatic line can increase the productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve working conditions, and covers an area of reduced production, lower production costs, and shorten the production cycle, ensure proportionality, there are significant economic benefits. &Nbsp; 
        repair and maintenance of automatic production lines. Automatic production line saves a lot of time and costs, and in industrial developed city, maintenance of automatic production lines become the focus. Rely on automatic production line maintenance operators and maintenance workers to complete. &Nbsp; 
line maintenance of two methods:   

      1, simultaneous repair method: the reproduction, if a fault is found, don't fix, maintenance methods. Production continued production until Sunday, centralized maintenance, operators, on all issues, and repair. Normal production equipment on Monday.
      2, partial repair method: automatic production lines if you have bigger problems, repairs more often. Cannot use synchronous repair. On Sundays, centralized maintenance, operator of a part to repair it. Until next Sunday, for repairs on another. Ensure that automatic production line in time does not stop. In addition, as far as possible be in the management method. The timer installed on the device, and recording equipment of the time, the wear pattern, to measure wear wearing parts, replacement of wearing parts in advance, before the failure can be eliminated. Ensure the production line at full capacity. Shun Yu automation equipment for enterprises in Hangzhou, Shaoxing provides high quality of Hangzhou line  . Maintenance:  
      of the
line 1, electrical, gas, oil and mechanical transmission parts (such as Rails) classes before and after class to check, clean.
      2, the work process to check key sites to inspection, found a strange record, after class before the small problem (not for long), big problems get accessories ready.
      3, unifying all the maintenance, plan of wearing parts, replacement of wearing parts in advance before they happen.


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