Conveyor debugging operations

And fixed conveyor should be required installation method to install on a fixed basis. Mobile conveyor wheels should be before the official run with a triangular wooden wedge or brake brakes. So that, when there are multiple parallel operation of the conveyor, between the machine and the machine, there should be one metre between the machine and the wall channel.
Second, the operation of the conveyor must be inspected before use parts, belt buckles and load device is normal, protective devices are complete. Belt tension should be adjusted to the appropriate level before starting.
III, no-load starting of belt conveyor. Operating normally before the feeding. Banned feed after the first drive.
series four, there are several conveyor running, starting from the discharge end, sequential starting. When fully functioning, before feeding. Tape
v, operation of deviation when the parking should be adjusted, not barely used, so as not to worn edges and increase the load.
six, working environment and be sent material temperature shall not be higher than 50 ° c and below-10 ℃. Shall not transport items with acidity of oil and organic solvent composition.
seven, by prohibiting pedestrians or people on the conveyor belt.
BA, parking must be stopped before feeding, and other material discharging into belt before parking.
, motor of the conveyor must be well insulated. Mobile conveyor cable not to pull and drag. Reliable grounding of the motor.
10, belt slipping is forbidden to pull the belts by hand, so as to avoid accidents.


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