The top ten advantages of pneumatic conveying equipment

1, compared with the other bulk material conveyor, pneumatic conveying systems are small particles of solid material most appropriate conveyor equipment, also suitable for continuous large amounts of particles from the tank-vehicles, rail vehicles and cargo ships to the silo.
2, can make full use of space. Belt conveyors, screw conveyors, scraper conveyor, conveyor is essentially transmission in one direction, and pneumatic conveying systems can be up, down or around buildings, equipment and other obstacles to transport materials, the duct can be higher or avoid the space occupied by other plant or equipment.
3, used in a variety of solid material pumps, flow dividers and receiver operation is very similar to the fluid operation of the device, so most pneumatic conveying is easy to control from a central console.
4, and other bulk material conveying equipment compared to the small risk of fire and explosion. Good
5, design of pneumatic conveying systems are often clean and eliminate pollution of the environment. Negative pressure conveying, any air leakage is inward, so material contamination would be limited to a minimum.
6, conveying materials in bulk, high operation efficiency, packaging and handling fees low.
7, simple equipment, covers an area of small, can make full use of the space, equipment investments and lower maintenance costs.
8, and can be achieved by a few points to a central repository, or sent by a dispersed number more.
9, chemically unstable material, inert gas may be used.
10, conducive to production safety and improve plant health conditions, published to prevent dirt, dust, and is conducive to environmental protection.


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