Various forms and characteristics of pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying pneumatic conveying and air power, along the direction of flow in a sealed pipe conveying granular material, is a specific application of Fluidization technology. Pneumatic conveying equipment simple structure, easy to operate, can be used for horizontal, vertical or oblique direction of transport and also for material in the process of heating, cooling, drying and air classification of physical or chemical action. Compared with the mechanical transport, energy consumption of this method, particles are vulnerable to damage, equipment is also vulnerable to abrasion. More moisture, adhesion or easily on high speed static material, it is not advisable to pneumatic conveying.
main suction-send pneumatic conveying, press send, drum, belt wheel set containers loaded pneumatic conveying 4 forms.
1, suction-send pneumatic conveying jobs a wide range of flexible, mobile and continuously feed and continuous transportation, able to adapt to all kinds of ship cabin was unloaded.
2, long distance send-pressure pneumatic conveying capacity, wide fit, easy to implement process automation control, mixing ratio, less consumption, but feeding device more complex components such as duct sealing good.
3, cylinder pneumatic conveying slow, dense, low power characteristics of the index.
4, belt wheel set containers loaded pneumatic conveying good maneuverability, high speed stability, continuity, with high efficiency and containerized.


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