Continuous elevator boot steps

Open electric control box, will left above of power switch all push to above connected power, then close and lock live electric control box of door; at electrical control box above of led all bright up, check red urgent stopped button (normal urgent stopped button should is located in high, if is by Xia State need will button clockwise direction rotating to high, or will cannot started equipment); check equipment Shang all sensor above of green led whether all for green (sensor amounted to 5 sets, push box cylinder above 2 sets), Bright up for green led for power standby state, red or close for fault or power state, need regulation sensor induction location or check circuit; by Xia reset button, then equipment will slow run to advance set good of starting location standby, upgrade machine entrance of 1#, and 2# conveying with began run, at will carton into conveying with of any location (Note carton bottom must for plane or raised, is strictly prohibited bottom for raised state of carton into), Dang carton into to upgrade machine internal and triggered sensor is upgrade machine began operation a upgrade location; cycle will carton for continuous upgrade; Dang carton upgrade to height location and triggered equipment above of photoelectric sensor, push box cylinder will timely of will carton launched to roll road line (because equipment Shang of sensor for high precision sensor, on electrostatic and location requirements quite high, is strictly prohibited free regulation or touch touch sensor), roll road line has been is in run State, if Hou end equipment occurred fault, Carton failed to timely conveying go blocking to roll road line above Shi, roll road line above of sensor will makes equipment all stop, excluded fault Hou need again started equipment to again work; last no carton into upgrade machine Hou without other operation, directly by Xia started button will upgrade machine inside of all carton all empty, then by Xia stop button stop work; equipment equipped with State led is located in electrical control box of above, green for normal work State, red for stop will fault State, Fails the need for urgent press control cabinet door above the Red emergency stop button, when the fault is restart again.


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