Analysis on status of logistics enterprise Informationization

&Nbsp;    is a dual structure of logistics enterprises in our country: advanced concepts, information technology strength and powerful transnational corporations and a handful of domestic logistics enterprises and domestic distribution of single function, smaller businesses co-exist.
    due to the construction of China's economic development as well as economic reasons, logistics enterprises in our country of the former State-owned material enterprises development. Currently has the following status:
    continue to play original material Enterprise role. Such links to main industrial means of production and consumption, buy from manufacturers materials sales to the consumer, in the flow of the circulation process in a variety of activities, as the primary sales and service objects. Mainly engaged in purchasing, sales marketing, single function, although with sales implementation of transport, storage, handling, packaging, and information services, but are subordinate to a secondary kinetic energy sales and service, and they split.
    that offers stock services of logistics enterprises. From traditional storage and transportation of materials development and restructuring the company currently dominates. Relying on this part of the enterprise based on the original warehouse to provide warehousing services as the main service and warehousing services for the enterprise's main source of profit, and to provide services such as transportation, distribution, packaging, these services are generally subordinate status and auxiliary operating means for services. This section generally tie in with the first form of enterprise, formed in a certain area of the more loosely organized specialized markets, such as Beijing, Shanghai, several major steel market. In this type of companies are fairly small in size, the market is made up of more than 10 or even dozens of storage companies. While large enterprises like China storage and transportation Corporation, by virtue of its logistics business and market, business network, infrastructure, enterprise-scale and other advantages, expanding and extending other logistics services, gradually transforming to modern logistics enterprises are few and far between.
    provides material transport carriers as the main source of business logistics enterprises. Is the transformation of traditional transport enterprises after transformation, the current occupation of logistics market in China a larger share, the main provider of rail, air, road, sea, inland waterway transport and other services, plays a function of the third party logistics enterprise. Outstanding enterprises of COSCO international freight company, the China National foreign trade transportation (Group) Corporation, China Railway Express, and so on. This type of enterprise is the product of modern enterprises reform, perfect the management mechanism, developing fast, already have become conditions of the third party logistics enterprise.
    foreign-funded and joint-venture logistics company. These companies first entered the China market, mainly for existing customers one by one multinational corporations entering the China market to provide extension services, on the other hand with their management philosophy, mode of operation and systems, quality service to attractors of excellent enterprises in China, is now shifting toward China logistics market penetration and market share is gradually expanding. Japan's Kintetsu logistics, Mitsui, and so on.
    private logistics enterprises. Due to flexible mechanisms, management and low cost, rapid development, China's most dynamic logistics enterprises in the logistics industry, but enterprises are small, such as Guangzhou Bao for logistics group has too few large private logistics enterprises.
    from the perspective of Informationization, China's logistics enterprises in a relatively primitive, low-level stage. According to statistics, has implemented or partial implementation of informatization of enterprises accounted for 21%, full implementation of informatization of enterprises 10%. In the midst of the industry's supply chain, Enterprise and information flow between the upstream and downstream could not get through circulation leading to high distribution costs, this is because many lower level of logistics enterprise's information construction, caused due to poor information. Outstanding problems and their causes are:
    1. information awareness
    the modern logistics require not only all aspects of logistics management automation, intelligence, logistics and a variety of business, namely, procurement logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics, returned logistics and specialization of the high efficiency of This requires independent logistics enterprise using a variety of advanced logistics equipment and the Organization of logistics software system. But restricted by current operating systems, the majority of our company's logistics activities completed by the enterprise's internal organization. Statistics: industrial enterprises, 36% and 46% by their own raw material logistics and supply companies, and the only 18% of the third party logistics enterprise. Product sales by enterprises themselves and percentage share of third party logistics enterprises are 24.1% and 59.8%, respectively, and borne by independent third party logistics enterprise's only 16.1%. This situation has severely limited logistics activities to the development of specialization and information, existing logistics enterprises to develop the market, nature does not have enough money to improve their information infrastructure and improve the level of information management. In addition, talent is the key to implement logistics management information, the current logistics enterprises generally lack the complex logistics information management professionals.
    2. backward technology and logistics equipment
    information technology and logistics equipment has become the bottleneck restricting the development of logistics enterprises in China. At present, information technology application in logistics enterprises are not only less and a lower level, and computer applications are restricted in Office Automation and daily transaction processing. According to the China Association of warehouse and Survey 2004 the vast majority of logistics enterprise does not have ability to handle logistics and information using modern information technology. Logistics enterprises with information systems in the business functions of the information system and the system is not perfect, lacked the necessary order management, shipment tracking, warehouse management systems and management systems for transport and other logistics services systems, logistics information resources integration ability has not yet formed. And foreign logistics enterprises are widely useful barcode technology, RFID, GPS/GIS and EDI technology application in logistics enterprises in China is not ideal. In addition, most domestic logistics facilities are comparatively old, including warehouse, bar code automatic identification systems, automatic guided vehicle systems, logistics facilities, cargo tracking system, not much. And abroad to Mechatronics and intelligent as compared characteristics of logistics management automation, a large gap.
    enterprise information resources management chaos logistics information resources development is a core task of Informationization construction of logistics, development of logistics information resources is the starting point of logistics information and logistics information home. At present, many logistics informatization of enterprise logistics operation did not solve the collection of information and operations management, and that the system lacks sufficient sources of information, dramatically affecting the development and utilization of information resources across the enterprise. The other hand, many business information resource planning, a lack of overall planning and unified information standards, resulting in design, production and the flow of management information is not shortcut and not shared, creating many "islands of information", the enterprise did not enjoy the benefits of information technology investment should produce, which seriously hindered the process of logistics management information system.
    4. informatization construction investment is not high
    in recent years, investment in information construction of logistics enterprise in China tend to be more rational, but logistics enterprise Informationization construction investment compared with the developed countries falls far short. Survey on logistics enterprise information system has been established, investment logistics enterprises of less than 500,000 yuan 53.25% per cent of all surveyed companies, 34.3% for the more than 1 million Yuan. Investment is proportional to the scale and size of the business. In the information system of the enterprise has not been established, 98.2% of enterprises plan to invest less than 500,000 yuan. System software development mode, 37% enterprise software purchase, 26.1% develop the Enterprise way, 16.8% select joint development or independent development, only 3.4% will be long-term outsourcing software development.
    5. lack of high-quality talents
    links and complex process of modern logistics, logistics information, also is uncertain, it is difficult to capture feature, so the technology high requirements for practitioners, modern logistics enterprise should therefore belong to talent-intensive enterprises. But most of the third party logistics enterprises lack the familiar rules of modern logistics informatization and also in production management professionals.
    than three years work experience in 75.69%, graduate student (no experience) in 33.89%, more than three years working experience in logistics accounts for only 15.3%. Diploma 32.85%, Bachelor 33.14%, master's degree or above accounted for 9.55%, integrated talents.


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