Food line (conveyor) introduction

Food line (conveyor), simple structure, convenient maintenance; smaller energy consumption, the use of low cost. Mainly in the food, beverage, fruit processing, filling, cans, cleaning, application of PET bottle blowing more;
chain: POM, PVC, stainless steel 304, 306# material;
machine processing: linear, turning single row and multiple rows, partition type.
food line (conveyor) using a dedicated food grade conveyor belt, can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Conveyor with rubber, canvas, PVC, PU and other material, except for common outside material conveying, can also meet oil resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static material with special requirements, such as transportation. On the conveyor belt can also increase the push plate, side bumpers, skirts and other accessories to meet the requirements of different processes.
food line (conveyor) smooth delivery, item no relative movement between conveyor belt and, to avoid damage to the carrier material. With less noise compared to other conveyor, requires quiet conditions are more suitable for the working environment.


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