Drum line (conveyor) production requirements and features

1, frame material: carbon steel spray, stainless steel, aluminum.
2, power mode: geared motor drive, electric drum drives and other forms.
3, transmission mode: single sprocket, double sprockets, O-belts, flat friction drive belt, timing belt, and so on.
4, speed: variable frequency speed regulation, stepless speed and so on.
considering the tensile strength of the chain power roller line, the longest single line generally does not exceed 10 metres in length.
custom drum line (conveying machine) Please confirmed following technology parameter:
1, and conveying objects of length, and width and height;
2, and each conveying unit of weight;
3, and conveying real of bottom status;
4, and has no special work environment Shang of requirements (like: humidity, high temperature, chemicals of effect,);
5, and drum line (conveying machine) belongs to no power type or motor led type.
to ensure the smooth transportation of goods, must at any point in time there are at least three rollers maintain contact with the carrier material. Soft-bag packaging pallet conveyor should be added if necessary.
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