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&Nbsp;         in modern society a lot of manufacturers have already said goodbye to the past backward mode of production, many new technologies there has been clearly evidenced, like Hangzhou line is the more common way. This technique not only considerably shortens the processing time required, and the amazing efficiency is higher, use less than it spent less time to produce more products, which is not converted. Is a very good choice for enterprise operators, it can not only control the cost and would not pose a great burden.
          and because of this, due to the degree of product required an urgent, almost a day less rest days, so it's easier to damage, which we need more care and routine maintenance work more carefully. In this connection, we can do analysis from the following points: first, not too fast and too slow during the delivery process, just need to keep an even pace. Second, product head motor must be careful to use, is at the Centre of the main waterproofing work, or caused any consequences are hard to imagine. Third, as an important transport hub, chain belt product maintenance should not be lost, need and lubricating oil.
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