Several technical improvements on current assembly line process recommendations

some technical improvements in our country more attention lately, especially much attention recently, Hangzhou line, in order to complete the task, industry researchers all-night efforts, finally has a new discovery. Observed some of the problems for these developed specific improvements, which will bring new changes. &Nbsp; 

  of the technology, can be divided into several processes, each link connected, at the time of the content of the control is the most important, do not delay, smoothly linking is not easy. Therefore, to be very good to do this must be reasonably adjusted according to the actual situation. &Nbsp;       

since its views about the technology transformation, relevant departments again spend a lot of money for support, puts forward suggestions for improvement in the process: first, from a fundamental change in the overall form, with continuous mode of operation to achieve parallel layout, this is the way used by many large companies. Second, fully guarantee the product for cleaning, and the balance of production, encountered bad weather when drying.


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